Zumalburu Reforma Integral Edificio Álava

Zumalburu Reforma Integral Edificio Álava

Specific needs:

  • Client’s Participation: The client wants to be involved in the design process, including administrative tasks and decision-making, to feel a sense of ownership and better understand the building’s functionality.
  • Optimized Design: The goal is to design the building in detail to comply with regulations while maximizing its potential and providing a customized budget for the owners.
  • Building Envelope: Improvements in the basement, contact walls, and windows will be made to ensure thermal insulation, prevent future issues, and enhance energy efficiency.
  • Interior Comfort: Installation of an efficient heating and cooling system, ventilation with heat recovery, and consideration of different heating distribution options (radiators vs. underfloor heating) to ensure a comfortable living environment.
  • Accessibility and Usability: Installation of an elevator for easy access to all floors and the creation of functional spaces, such as a “choco” area in the basement and separate zones in the attic for residents of different floors.

Summary of Improvements:

  • Enhanced client involvement and satisfaction through active participation in the design process.
  • Optimized design to meet regulations and budget requirements.
  • Improved building envelope with enhanced thermal insulation and structural reinforcement.
  • Enhanced interior comfort through efficient heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.
  • Improved accessibility and usability with the installation of an elevator and creation of functional spaces in the basement and attic.

Final Result

The collaborative effort between the client, construction company, and Luz Arquitectos team has successfully achieved the objectives. The final result is a building with excellent thermal performance, a tranquil interior ambiance, well-organized spaces, and a design that meets the client’s preferences. The interior environment provides clean air, effortless maintenance, and functional furniture. The kitchen stands out as a central feature, creating a captivating backdrop.

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