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¿Are you looking for a land where to build? ¿Do you have the shape of building in mind? ¿Do you know what the cost estimation? Here we can help you.


For example, we have done a Pre-design document with one of our clients. He has taken a look on one land to invest and he has a clear idea about the shape of his building.

But, when he thinks about buying the land, many doubts begin to come to his mind. He doesn’t want to make any mistake that will cost the money he has been saving. It is how it is! He doesn’t know if his building fits with the urban rules of this land.

Time is passing by, and day by day, it generates frustration. The reality is, he didn’t solve the design of his house, he didn’t know how much it costs to build it, and he didn’t know if it will be legal with the building and urban planning regulations.


So, he called me to explain his situation. We were talking about his idea. And I heard what were his particular conditions. Because each one of us has a dream and individual requirements.

Because we have done this type of work for many private and public clients like University of Granda, the Luz Arquitectos team helped him.

To help him, we have made a pre-design document. This pre-design document contains everything the client needs to take the first step towards his goal.

First, he told me where is the place, where he wanted to build his building and how he imagines it. With that information we were able to prepare a budget for this pre-design document work. Once he accepted this budget, we had weekly meetings to process information and where the client transmitted his concerns to us, and we showed the progress and the decisions making.


This is how he obtain a document with which he can defend his project on front of an entity or investor to obtain financing. Luz Arquitectos can also help you to do a pre-design document. With a basic investment and in a short period of time we help you to translate your idea into a professional document. Why don’t we talk about your idea? WhatsApp me and let discuss about your idea. Here is a link to the WhatsApp conversation. Call me and write to me.

And please do not spend hours and hours dreaming about one design that maybe later doesn’t fit with urban regulations. That can make you lose a lot of time.

And do not make the same mistake as a friend that years ago bought a land that cost more to prepare the terrain than the cost of the land itself.

Other story is about my previous neighbour that didn’t took into account one big tree. So, he changed the design adding huge all the over costs.

That’s why, by doing a pre-design document with Luz Arquitectos. you have a document prepared by a professional team. You can see how your building will look like. This is a document that gives you the power to defend your project, and helps you obtain financing.

Of course, you’ll be able to evaluate the construction costs. This pre-design document will make you to decide the best option for your personal circumstances.


It’s so great! Our last client has finished a successful meeting with the finance company. After doing better personal costs calculations he was confident. And he was proud of showing an amazing design that is realistic with all the building and urban regulations.

We are going to go along with you all the way, because those type of projects are long and complicated, and we have to do it together

I encourage you to take the first step. Whatsapp me. Luz Arquitectos is going to go along the way with you.


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Author: Pablo Vílchez García

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