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Open Journey to inform how to open a store, shop, office or business



We can guide you to open a local or establishment for your business as we are Engineers and Architects.

There are a lot of requirements that your commercial estabilshment needs to accomplish. There are specific building codes, urban rules, and other different laws. 

Is not the same when you are opening a coffee shop, a gym, or a club.  So depending on what kind of commercial activities there are differents requirements.

Furthermore, it also depends on the regional regulations. It is different to open a business in Comunidad de Madrid, Galicia, Comunidad Valenciana, Cataluña, o Andalucía. So let’s take everything into consideration before making any investment. And let’s study the commercial property before signing contracts with the real estate and owner.

Install ventilation system in the shop:

  1. The ventilation system is being considered more important along the time for the public administration and for the building codes.
  2. The air renovation is crucial for having healthier indoor air. Exhaust and inlet air system provides fresh and clean air in the interior.
  3. Combining a double door entrance with the ventilation system can stop the entrance of dust, pollution, smells from outside. At the same time, you obtain filtered fresh air from the outside to the inside.
  4. Energy efficiency can be easily achieved just by installing a heating recovery system in the ventilation system. The heating recovery system can reduce more than 50% of the energy consumption of heating and cooling.

Fire protection system:

  1. All establishments must have a fire protection system. Depending on differents characteristics it can be more or less complex.
  2. Signs all over the shop. The signs are even normalized by specific regulations. So you’ll find arrows, exit, and other types of signs.
  3. Equipment, some time is not only fire extinguishers, sometimes is required extinguishing hoses as well. And also, there are different kinds of fire extinguishers. The number and typology of equipment depend on many factors: public capacity, interior volume, interior and exterior materials, evacuation routes lengths, etc.
  4. Footprints are also mandatory depending on what types of commercial activity.

Is not only business license. We colaborate with foreign office Advisors .


Universal accessibility standards:

  1. Eliminate any steps on the floor creating smooth slavs to comply with the standards.
  2. About toilettes, there is a long list of characteristics that must be achieved. Highs, distances, spaces…
  3. The furniture are also elements to consider when different users need to move around and interact with your shop, office, and spaces.

Acoustic isolation:

  1. Noise reduction is an issue that usually is not in our mind, although many times is the main reason to consider when renting or buying an establishment.
  2. Installing acoustic isolation is not cheap. If you are using music, numerous public events, noisy workshops, etc. be aware of the noise transferred to neighbors.
  3. There are different levels of acoustic isolation, and there are noise bridges. Is very similar to thermal isolation, it is similar in many conpects.

Energy efficiency in your establishment:

  1. We have been talking before about the control of the indoor air throw the ventilation system for the fresh air combined with a heating recovery system, which is a very good choice for energy efficiency.
  2. Lighting is as well an important issue.  It is necessary to study precisely artificial lighting, of course using LED. There are multiple kinds of colors, warmth, luminosity, etc.
  3. There is a huge amount of characteristics to consider in the project design in order to comply with the building, urban codes, and specific regulations. and at the same time create a very beautiful space and good comfort zones.

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Author: Pablo Vílchez García

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