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8 characteristic you have to find in an architecture team to be the best choice for your personal project


Let me explain what you must consider when choosing the perfect architecture firm for your project.

The team of architects and engineers is crucial. They will turn your idea into something real. The best team will make engineering principles work with the artistic vision.

Maybe you are taking the time to choose between one and another. But you don’t want to entrust a hundred thousand euros to unsteady hands.

So, let’s take a look at some important characteristics to take into account when choosing an architecture firm.

The team needs to be passionate. You don’t want a typical building, or the copy of another one. Having a team of professionals who are fully engaged with your project, means everything.

That’s why spending quality time on your project makes a difference. Humans are not made for multitasking, so let’s find a team that will focus on you and on every detail of your project.

Every decision contributes to the optimization of costs. The best team will allow you to save money from the beginning to the end of the project. And form the foundations to the roof.

Your architecture firm must be forward thinking and surprise you. They must have a positive attitude every day and guide you on this trip, solving any problems as they arise.

So, choose an architecture team with a clear design methodology that integrates every stakeholder and includes you at the center of the process.

One of the most important thing of all is that the design complies with building codes, urban rules, and all the local regulations, laws and requirements.

When it comes to big ideas, not everything is valid. Great architects and engineers have to take your ideas, understand the vision behind them, and transform them into something doable.

You should also ask how the team works with sustainable principles. They must fulfil your needs while being eco-friendly and economically balanced.

To summarize, you should look for these eight characteristics in a team of architects and engineers:

  • Highly passionate team.

  • Focussed on your project.

  • Attentive to cost optimization

  • Open-minded, with positive attitude

  • Integrated design methodology

  • Expertise in compliance with regulations and laws.

  • Able to transform your ideas into something doable.

  • Skillful balance of your needs, ecological and economic needs.

Consider the importance of investing in your own building. Speak with the firm, and use video calls and presentation meetings to build a healthy, transparent relationship.

The path is going to be amazing and exited. You need a powerful team. The Luz Arquitectos team in going to help you enjoy this path.

Do you wnat to talk about your proyect? What do you have in mind? WhatsApp me and, let’s move on together.

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Author: Pablo Vílchez García

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