Legalize your house in Granada and Alicante

Unlock the full potential of your rural home by legalizing it.

Is your house in a legal grey area? It may have a cadastral record, a registered owner, and even essential services like water and electricity. However, without proper legalization, you face limitations and potential risks.

Why legalize your rural home?

  1. Mortgage Opportunities: Secure financing and attract potential buyers with a fully legalized property. Don’t miss out on the chance to maximize the value of your home.


  2. Licensing Benefits: Obtain occupancy and habitability licenses, giving you peace of mind and expanding your usage options. Ensure your home meets all legal requirements.


  3. Essential Services: Access potable water and connect to the electrical grid without any issues. Enjoy the comforts and conveniences that come with legalizing your rural home.


  4. Avoid Fines and Demolition Orders: Ensure compliance with regulations, mitigating the risk of penalties and potential demolitions. Protect your investment and avoid costly consequences.

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How Can We Help?

Our expert team specializes in the legalization of rural homes in the Valencian Community. We understand the complex processes and requirements involved, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Take the first step towards peace of mind and security for your rural home. Let us handle the legalities while you focus on enjoying your property to the fullest.

Contact us today to begin the journey of legalizing your rural home in the Valencian Community. Don’t wait – seize this opportunity to unlock the full potential of your property.

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Benefits of Legalizing Your Rural Home in the Valencian Community

Property Registration: Obtain the Occupancy License and register your home in the Property Registry, ensuring its legal status.

Utility Connections: Enjoy the convenience of connecting to the municipal water supply and accessing electricity services for your rural home.

Renovations and Maintenance: Carry out interior renovations and necessary maintenance work on your property. Enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your home.

Prevent Demolition: Through the Minimization of Territorial Impact process, prevent demolition of your home due to municipal sanctions. Restore urban legality and protect your investment.

Increased Property Value: Legalizing your rural home can significantly increase its value. With costs ranging between 10,000 and 20,000 euros, the investment can result in a substantial appreciation, surpassing 200,000 euros.

Discover the benefits of legalizing your rural property. Unlock its full potential and secure its value. Contact us today to initiate the Minimization of Territorial Impact process and enjoy the advantages of owning a legalized home in rural land.

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Our Process

  1. Assessment: Assess the feasibility of legalizing homes in rural land through a comprehensive evaluation process. Gain clarity and guidance on the steps needed for successful legalization.
  2. Expert Guidance: Trust our experienced team to navigate the complexities of the legalization process. We provide expert advice, ensuring compliance with regulations and maximizing your chances of a successful outcome.
  3. Documentation and Procedures: Our team will assist you in preparing the necessary documentation and navigating the administrative procedures involved in the legalization process. Save time and effort with our efficient and thorough approach.
  4. Compliance and Peace of Mind: Ensure your home meets all legal requirements, providing peace of mind and protecting your investment. Avoid fines, penalties, and future complications by legalizing your rural home.


Ready to take action? Click on the button to schedule a meeting with our expert team. Let’s discuss your specific needs and create a personalized plan to legalize your rural home.

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Yes, it is possible to legalize a house on rural land in Valencia through specific legal procedures and compliance with local regulations.

Legalizing a house in rural areas in Valencia involves following the necessary steps, including obtaining permits, meeting building regulations, and fulfilling any requirements set by local authorities.

If a property is not legalized in Valencia, it may face legal consequences, such as fines, restrictions on usage, or even potential demolition orders.

It is advisable to legalize the property before selling it in Valencia to ensure a smooth transaction and avoid potential legal issues. Buyers typically prefer properties that are fully legalized.

Renovating a property that is not legal in Valencia can be challenging. It is important to address the legalization process first to ensure compliance with regulations and avoid complications during renovation.

Before building on rural land in Valencia, it is crucial to research and understand the specific regulations, zoning restrictions, and requirements for construction permits in the area. Consulting with professionals experienced in rural land development in Valencia is recommended.

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