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Habitation Ocupation License in Salobreña before Turist License

Habitation Ocupation License in Salobreña before Turist License Habitation Ocupation License in Salobreña before Turist License If you want to rent out your property for turists through Airbnb and Booking you need to have the Habitation License or Ocupation License. In this case I will focuse on how to get the Ocupation License in Salobreña, Granada. Does my property have Ocupation License WhatsApp My house has Ocupation License? In Salobreña, if your property is very old, probably it has no Ocupation License. We always has to ask before to the Town Hall, although in Salobreña, if your property was built before 1986 you need an Architect or Engineer to help you in order to obtain your Ocupation License. We will register in the Town Hall the Ocupation Certificate. What is the Ocupation Certificate? What is the Habitation Certificate or Ocupation Certificate? Write us I need Habitation Certificate or Habitation License? The Town Hall will provide you with de Habitation License, then you can apply for your Turist License. Although, every Town Hall has to study the property according to the Habitation Certificate signed by an Architect or building Engenieer. This document is writen by the Architect or Building Engineer in wich we certified your property complains with all the urban requirements and with the building codes. This is how the technicians in the Urban Department of the Town Hall verifyied the documents registered by the Luz Arquitectos team in order to send you the License for Habitation and Ocupation. How much Habitation Certificate cost? Write us How much Ocupation Certificate cost? It always depends on the property. What is the area? where is located? how complex is the building? Is build in urban area? Let me make an example: one property, placed in urban area, simple shape and distribution, with 100 sqm of constructed area would be a cost between 400 and 600€ (+VAT). What is included in the cost quotation for Ocupation Certificate? Transport, taking data building visit, documents recopilation, Habitation or Ocupation Certificate, public administration works and documents registration. EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED. WE DON’T STOP UNTIL YOU GET IT How much is cost Salobreña Tax for Ocupation License? Until this date, Salobreña Town Hall has a tax for the Ocupation Certificate of 23,75 €.   Get all the necessary information to obtain your Habitation License or Ocupation License Tell us about your investment project! Book a free consultation Name Email Your Phone Message I have read and accept the Privacy Policy.